Weekly Classes
  at Young Chefs Academy are a great opportunity to sharpen life-skills and stir-up creativity! We take the fear, mystery and the unknown out of cooking while providing a safe and conducive environment for interactive learning and self-discovery. Our classes are held year-round and are uniquely structured around a monthly theme.


Classes Available @ IPC Damansara Branch:

Register today by booking classes below, call us/whatsapps @ 018-255 2425 / 03-7733 1618 or walk in.

Weekday Baking Classes :

Tuesday ( Muffin Recipe )          2pm-3pm  or  4:30pm-5:30pm

Wednesday ( Cookie Recipe)     2pm-3pm  or  4:30pm-5:30pm

Thursday ( Bread Recipe )          2pm-3pm  

Weekend Classes :

• Kinder Cooks (Ages 3-6)       Thursday (4pm-5pm) / Friday (2pm-3pm) or (4:30pm-5:30pm) / Saturday (11am-12pm) or (3:30pm-4:30pm) / Sunday (1:30pm-2:30pm)
• Junior Chefs (Ages 7-11)      Thursday (4pm-5:30pm) / Friday (4:30pm-6pm) / Saturday (11am-12:30pm) or (3:30pm-5pm) / Sunday (1:30pm-3pm)
• Senior Chefs (Ages 11-17)    Saturday (1pm-3pm) * Different fee structure

Click here to download IPC Classes Schedule and Fee Structures !


If your child is yet to try out the way YCA cooks, sign them up now for a trial class at a minimal fee!

August 2018 Recipe Menu

• Kinder Cooks & Junior Chefs Theme :
Animal Farm !


        Aug 2018 Junior & Kinder  Jr & Kr Aug 2018


Senior Chefs July 2018 Theme : PASTRY !

 August 2018 Senior Chef    Sr Chef Aug 2018

* All classes are to be booked 3 days in advance.
* Full payment is required to secure your child's seat.
* Age range for class types is used as an initial guide for class placement however age may vary within classes based on experience, skill, or other related factors - assessment by YCA Teacher.
* Classes are scheduled based on interest and availability and are subject to rescheduling or cancellation due to low enrollment and/or participation.